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Custom skill development

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Welcome to a “smart” work place where artificial intelligence can save you time, man power and thousands to millions of dollars in the long run. If your business is currently using software like Office 365, Sharepoint, Salesforce, etc. we are able to leverage its developer tools to maximize its potential. Generate even more revenue by focusing your time and energy on what truly counts. Bring your business to the technological frontier and stay ahead of the curve by choosing Atlantic Automation.

Use Case

No More Repetitive Data Entry

We helped Bain and Barkley get more out of their Microsoft Office ecosystem (SharePoint, Word, Outlook) by leveraging the Power Automate platform to streamline the intake process. When we discovered this process, it involved: heavy data entry, duplication of work, numerous hand offs, and lag time. This would sometimes be a full day of work, but our solution, we cut this time down to 20-30 minutes.

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