Transform Your Business Processes from manual and repetitive to Automated and Touchless in 30 days or Less

Our approach

We actively work with you to discover automation opportunities within your firm, map your current processes, and put together a digital transformation roadmap. We start by consulting and analyzing to help you see the bigger picture. Then we’ll pick a good process to pilot with a high yield. After we deploy the pilot process and you start to experience ROI and other benefits, we’ll scale up and deploy multiple automations. After we deploy your automations, support is provided 24/7 365 days of the year.


We use APIs to connect all of your existing software systems and get them to talk to each other. This eliminates the need for human data entry. Our agile team gets things done fast and effectively with a proven method. We hypothesize, continually demo, reflect and appropriately adjust to get you better results faster.

Digital Transformation

We help you digitally transform your paralegal processes so that they run with minimal human intervention, faster, and with fewer errors than they do right now. We create a custom roadmap that guides you to success. After automating your pilot process within 30 days or less, we look at scaling you into a fully automated law firm.

How we do it

We break our development cycle into phases: Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Deploy. This keeps us moving and constantly delivering your solutions. We provide demos and live reporting so that you’re always in the know. No one does this better than us.

Process Maps and Flowcharts

We use process maps and flow charts to model your business and get a clear visual representation of your moving parts. This helps you get a visual of what's going on, and help us get started right away, instead of waiting.

Software Engineering

We build and deploy the most intelligent bots to do your work for you. Stop stressing your paralegals out with more tasks, and start using our custom solutions to get automated sooner, rather than later.


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