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Software robots are faster, cheaper, are constantly learning and don’t take sick days. Customizable, automated robots are virtual assistants that can perform rule-based processes like a human could, except they do so at a quicker rate and with utmost accuracy. There is no downside to allocating business processes that require logic or rules to robots for your processing automation. These powerful bots combined with artificial intelligence are changing the way we as humans work and thrive on a daily basis.

Use Case

Inventory Ordering Automation

We helped one of our clients automate the ordering of inventory materials and saved them over $100k annually by doing so. This process involved logging into SAP to export a low inventory list, filtering the data, ordering each line item one by one from the spreadsheet, saving the receipt as a PDF to a specified location in their file system, and repeating for each vendor. Initially, this process was carried out daily by 3 agents. With the solution that we built, we were able to take this off of their plates and have a bot execute it each day in just a few hours.

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