It’s important that you and your team spend time doing things that require skills and expertise, not just menial tasks that need to get done. By using intelligent software robots, you can make sure your staff does human work, and not robot work. The legal industry has a high automation potential because it is comprised of rule based, repetitive processes and tasks that can be automated. Client intake, drafting documents, eFiling & eService of documents, completing non-billable work, and numerous administrative tasks are just some of the many processes that be automated entirely by an intelligent software robot.

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Both operational and financial processes that take place in the healthcare setting can benefit from automation. Virtual assistants can save healthcare facilities thousands of hours annually and improve both the speed and accuracy of their processes. The job responsibilities of a scribe, EHR data input/retrieval, Physician Order Entry, Inventory management, and Contract management are just some of the many processes that can benefit from an effective digital transformation strategy.

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Home and Property

Increase the value and productivity of your home or property by adding programmable smart devices. Amazon's Alexa can instantly and easily give you the power to get things done in your living space using your voice. Amazon’s Alexa for residential service simplifies property manager’s ability to set up and maintain Alexa in their building.

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Adding Alexa to your property is a private and secure way to improve both employee productivity and guest experience. Alexa makes it easier for your guests to do things such as access information, order room service, and check out. “Alexa, when is happy hour”.

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The insurance space is heavily burdened with back-office processes which are operational, high volume and repetitive. Important but mundane tasks such as underwriting and claims processing are perfect candidates for implementing RPA. By taking advantage of robots to automate and streamline the robotic work you are able to reduce response times, decrease operations costs, and most importantly focus your employees on higher value work. Overall, this frees up your time to focus on more strategic initiatives and growing your business.

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